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Governance:  the processes by which decisions are made and implemented. Responsibility, authority, accountability are core issues in governance. The ethos of good governance should be addressed by all learners who have, or expect to have leadership roles.

Acceptance of proposals

With system planning, a team prepares proposals for action that have been thoroughly tested and are based on a consensus view of the members of the team.

When acceptance or rejection of proposals is the responsibility of senior management or of a client, the following fundamental principle of good governance should be adopted:

Changes to proposals from system planning should only be made on the basis of further proposals that have also been thoroughly tested.

If the proposals from system planning are challenged by the client/management, the matter should be referred back to the planning team.  The client should not jump to a conclusion on the basis of what seems to be a good idea.  With complex uncertainty the risk in doing that is likely to be unacceptably high.